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Sarpa Law specializes in permanent residency (green cards) for immigrants in the restaurant industry. Ethnic or specialty restaurants in the U.S. find it difficult to recruit or retain cooks and chefs who are experienced in their specific cuisine. U.S. immigration law provides a solution to such a need and permits a company to hire a foreign worker to be brought in from abroad when the company can prove that U.S. workers are not “able, willing, qualified and available.”

The new restaurant employee would obtain what is informally referred to as an “employment-based green card” or “work green card.” Formally, this is the PERM Labor Certification with consular processing of an EB-3 immigrant visa. The restaurant is also permitted to hire an immigrant already inside the U.S. if that person is currently maintaining lawful status. Although this is a lengthy process, this immigration path provides a permanent or long-term solution because the employee can remain working for the original sponsor indefinitely. Our law firm works closely with restaurant owners and understands their needs and busy schedules.

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