Live J-1 Waiver Updates

Live Updates

Oregon J-1 Waiver Slots

The Oregon Health Authority (Primary Care Office) posts irregular updates on its website listing the number of remaining slots each year; therefore, the most accurate information is not consistently present. Sarpa Law has a high case load in Oregon waiver cases and interacts regularly with various employers and the Oregon government regarding slot availability. In 2016, the Oregon J-1 waiver program reached a historical milestone by issuing all 30 of its waiver slots for the first time since its inception in 2002. Since then, the law firm has kept historical data to identify trends and updates this live page with current waiver availability.

  • Federal Fiscal Year 2024 (Opened on 10/01/2023; 30 slots claimed as of 03/04/2024)

  • Federal Fiscal Year 2023 (Opened on 10/01/2022; 30 slots claimed as of 08/28/2023)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2022 (Opened on 10/01/2021; 30 slots claimed on 06/16/2022)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2021 (Opened on 10/01/2020; 27 slots claimed on 09/30/2021)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2020 (Opened on 10/01/2019; 30 slots claimed on 02/20/2020)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2019 (Opened on 10/01/2018; 30 slots claimed on 03/04/2019)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2018 (Opened on 10/01/2017; 30 slots claimed on 11/13/2017)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2017 (Opened on 10/01/2016; 30 slots claimed on 09/25/2017)
  • Federal Fiscal Year 2016 (Opened on 10/01/2015; 30 slots claimed on 09/29/2016)

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