• Choosing Sarpa Law was a great decision!
    From day one, Sarpa Law has been on top of my personal needs. Their excellent and constant communication is helping the process go at a faster pace step by step with great results! The person who recommended this business wasn’t wrong. Choosing Sarpa Law was a great decision!

    - Remi M.

  • Increase your chance of success.
    I hired Yaschar Sarparast, from Sarpa Law for helping with the process of bringing my fiance from China to the USA. It was not an easy process and without Yaschar's help, it would have possibly not happened. He also helped my wife get a green card after she made it to USA and we were married. He was very affordable compared to other options and we are thankful we found him. I would recommend him to anyone else who is having any immigration problems. He is very knowledgeable on how to deal with and work with immigrations so that everything runs much smoother and I believe it will increase your chance of success.

    - Nicholas F.

  • Handled my case in a very professional manner.
    Yaschar was the only attorney willing to take up my case after being turned down by two attorneys. He handled my case in a very professional manner and we had huge success.

    - Dara A.

  • Extremely knowledgeable & personable.
    I was in the process of a very lengthy immigration application for my husband in Kenya, when I met Yaschar. I found him not only, extremely knowledgeable and personable, but also very easy to talk to and honest in his fees. I would recommend him to anyone needing an intelligent, honest, kind, and detailed attorney.

    - Janell M.

  • Determined, hard-working, intelligent & personable.

    From the moment we met Yaschar we knew he was the lawyer for us. He is passionate about what he does and is meticulous when it comes to detail. He is determined, hard-working, intelligent, and personable. He came by a recommendation and we can’t recommend him enough if you are looking for an immigration lawyer. We have had a great experience.

    - Saradevi D.

  • You get what you pay for, and he is worth every penny!

    The best and only immigration attorney you'll ever need! Yaschar was extremely helpful and integral in helping bring my wife over from the Philippines. He was able to help us overcome a seemingly impossible situation and get everything processed through the NVC and USCIS. You get what you pay for, and he is worth every penny!

    - Aaron D.

  • Best decision we made.

    Using Yaschar and Javier was the best decision we made. It was so helpful to have someone work on our application and most of all their experience made it so much less stressful.

    - Nathaniel H.

  • Genuinely nice& helpful.
    Yaschar handled my immigration case for 7 years. He is genuinely nice and helpful. Sarpa law is extremely competent, experienced, and caring in a very professional way. I highly recommend Yaschar and his law firm if you're looking for an immigration lawyer.

    - Karen R.

  • Highly recommend him!

    It’s been 2 years since I was introduced to Yaschar by one of my old friends. It was one of the best decisions I took to choose him as my attorney to represent me. He has made things go really smooth with my case and he is also a very smart person. He’s always been on top of everything and is a great person to work with. I highly recommend him!

    - Adrian G.

  • Professional, easy to talk to & always available.
    Professional, easy to talk to and always available. If hadn’t found Sarpa law my daughter-in-law would still be stuck in France. I can’t recommend Sarpa Law enough. We started our quest with a different lawyer and it was clear he wasn’t going to get the job done. I stumbled upon Sarpa Law and it was obvious from the first day he was a go-getter and really knows his stuff.

    - Ilyse S.

  • We have had a fantastic experience.

    Yaschar and his team are excellent. They are diligent, meticulous, direct, honest, and understand that results are paramount. It's needless to say we have had a fantastic experience.

    - Poorav

  • Has gone above & beyond!
    Yaschar Sarparast has gone above and beyond helping my wife and I through the immigration process. With getting my wife a temporary green card, permanent green card, and citizenship, he has been the biggest help in making this journey go as smoothly as possible. My wife is now an American citizen and we couldn’t have done it without him! I would recommend Sarpa Law to anyone who wants the best of the best!

    - John B.

  • Honest & genuinely cares.

    Very grateful to Mr. Yaschar and the time he spent with us. It is rare to find an attorney who is honest and genuinely cares for the client's welfare and outcome. Mr. Yaschar is one of those rare people.

    - F. W.

  • A perfect blend of intelligence, attention to detail & good personality.

    A perfect blend of intelligence, attention to detail, and good personality. I had my first case with this law firm back in 2012 when they successfully handled my first case. Nearly 10 years later I went back. Coming to their office is like asking a friend for help, I don’t feel intimidated and I feel comfortable. Very professional at all times. From the beginning to the end I was always informed of the status of my case, I liked that. I had a very hard case but Yaschar is always looking for a solution regardless of the problem and in the end, my second case was successful as well. He’s honest and straightforward, he tells me if he can take my case or he can’t. On the fees, there are no tricks either, he always told me exactly the cost upfront and that’s what it is. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him for anything, no matter how small, just to get his opinion. I wouldn’t look for another lawyer if I needed one again. Ironically, I brought up my attorney’s name with a friend the other day and he said that he had the same attorney and he liked him too.

    - Roy G.

  • You can rely on this firm.

    Sarpa law was very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a firm, to go here with no hesitation. Their balance of impeccable knowledge and people skills make any process smooth for the client. You can rely on this firm, and they will make any process less stressful for you. All while keeping the highest level of effectiveness.

    - Dylan S.

  • Incredible insight, is always available to listen & always has the best interest of his clients.

    If you need an amazing lawyer, Sarpa Law is the right choice. He offers incredible insight, is always available to listen, and always has the best interest of his clients. The outcome of our case would not have been successful without his service. Thank you!

    - Simone S.

  • We highly recommend Sarpa Law.
    I retained Sarpa Law to handle my Chinese wife's immigration case for permanent residency with USCIS. Yaschar clearly & concisely explained the application process, then navigated us easily through the mounds of paperwork & documentation, ultimately crafting and submitting our package that was accepted immediately by USCIS. While our application was pending, he would check in with us regularly, and explain any communications we would receive from USCIS during this period. When we appeared for our final interview, Yashar coached us beforehand about what to expect, then sat in via telephone for the entire process, leading to a fully successful residency approval. Yaschar and his team are legal professionals dedicated to achieving a successful outcome for their clients. We highly recommend Sarpa Law.

    - James R.

  • Highly recommend Sarpa Law to anyone seeking legal advice.
    After making contact with Sarpa Law, their professional representative Javier, took all pertinent information needed for the initial consultation. I was then given an appointment time/date, which was a lot sooner than I expected. Javier also addressed in detail the organization's compliance with COVID protection procedures. Upon arrival at my scheduled appointment, Javier prepared all documentation for my consultation. During my consultation with Attorney Yaschar Sarparast I was provided answers to all of my questions, including invaluable information which I had not previously thought of. I highly recommend Sarpa Law to anyone seeking legal advice, as well as legal advice on immigration law and criminal law from Medford's Top-Tier Attorney. Thank you Sarpa Law for your professionalism, guidance, patience, listening, and for addressing all of my concerns.

    - Richard S.

  • I trust him 100%.
    This was the first time I was involved in a criminal case and in my city, you could go to many lawyers. My family member who is a law enforcement officer recommended Yaschar as his first choice, he said nothing but great things about the attorney so I trusted him. Less than 24 hours later, Yaschar visited me in jail and things immediately changed. He knew what his goals were for me and was always focused. He never tried to get rid of me, he worked on my case for 1 year and 2 months (14 months) and never took any shortcuts. I ended up getting one of the best results that I didn’t even expect. This was a horrible time in my life and during these 14 months, while I was his client, I got to know the attorney pretty well. He is a great communicator and managed to find a way to always calm me down, he actually has a good sense of humor despite how dark things seem. I trust him 100% with whatever he says, he’s very confident in his craft and knowledgeable about what he talks about. It seems every person he’s represented has left satisfied. I’m definitely ecstatic. It’s like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. I will never go to another lawyer, hopefully, I don’t need to. I would give him 11 out of 10 if I could. It’s not a coincidence when you meet people in life, it’s meant to be. Don’t take the easy way out and find a low-quality attorney, you only get one shot and you’ll regret it.

    - Frankie G.

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