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What Are Schedule A Occupations?

Schedule A designates occupations where there's a shortage of qualified and available U.S. workers. It ensures that hiring foreign nationals in these roles won't harm the wages or conditions of U.S. workers in similar positions.

Schedule A has served various purposes for many years, including enabling permanent employment for corporate transferees, now incorporated into the EB-1 category. It's infrequently updated to include or exclude occupations. Before 2005, the Department of Labor (DOL) also upheld Schedule B, which cataloged jobs deemed suitable for U.S. workers and demanded employers submit waivers to employ non-U.S. workers. The DOL later integrated these Schedule B waivers into the PERM program.

Schedule A has two groups of occupations:

  • Schedule A Group I Occupations

    • Physical therapists who possess all the qualifications necessary to take the physical therapist licensing examination in the state in which they propose to practice physical therapy; and

    • Professional nurses are licensed and meet certain educational qualifications.

  • Schedule A Group II Occupations

    • Individuals of exceptional ability in the sciences and arts, including certain college and university teachers

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