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Sarpa Law has nearly 15 years of experience practicing criminal law in Oregon’s courtrooms—this includes time as a prosecutor working directly with ICE agents and police officers. For more than a decade, the law firm has defended immigrants in both criminal court and in immigration applications. Sarpa Law specializes in this field, which is referred to as “crimmigration” or “crimigration.”

What Is Criminal Immigration or "Crimmigration"?

Criminal immigration, also known as “crimmigration”, refers to the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. It involves cases where individuals who are involved in criminal activities or have criminal records face immigration consequences, such as deportation, denial of immigration benefits, or inadmissibility to the United States. Crimmigration issues can arise when non-U.S. citizens are convicted of certain crimes, leading to potential immigration consequences.

How Can Criminal Charges Or Convictions Affect Immigration Status?

Criminal charges or convictions can have serious implications on a person’s immigration status. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, individuals may become subject to deportation or removal proceedings, be denied entry or reentry into the United States, or face difficulties in obtaining immigration benefits such as visas or permanent residency. It is crucial to understand the potential immigration consequences of criminal charges or convictions and seek legal advice from an immigration attorney in Portland near you who has a thorough knowledge of crimmigration matters.

What Options Are Available For Those Facing Criminal Immigration Issues?

Individuals facing criminal immigration issues in Portland should consult with an experienced immigration attorney at Sarpa Law who can evaluate their specific situation and provide guidance on available legal options. Depending on the circumstances, potential options may include:

  • Defense strategies: Working with an attorney to explore defense strategies that may mitigate the immigration consequences of criminal charges or convictions.
  • Waivers: Applying for waivers of inadmissibility or deportation/removal based on certain criteria, which may allow individuals to overcome immigration barriers resulting from criminal issues.
  • Post-conviction relief: Pursuing post-conviction relief, such as vacating or modifying criminal convictions, to potentially minimize the negative immigration consequences.
Navigating the complex intersection of criminal and immigration law requires the expertise of a Portland crimmigration lawyer who understands the specific laws and procedures. At Sarpa Law, we can provide personalized advice, develop a comprehensive strategy, and advocate for the best possible outcome if you are facing crimmigration issues. Get in touch with us today by dialing (503) 755-5587.

Our record

As a result, we have a nearly perfect record of obtaining approvals for immigrants who need to file an application but have a criminal record. These applications include the following:

Stopping Deportation

We have also stopped immigrants from being deported after they have been investigated by ICE or CBP. Other attorneys regularly refer their own clients to our law firm in the best interest of that client. We understand the inner workings of the criminal system in every aspect and have represented immigrants with court or arrest records from nearly every state in the U.S.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We can locate the most obscure or hard-to-find criminal-related documents that are favorable to our client, including from sources that are not typically known. We know how to explain criminal procedure and what to look for in documents. We are able to strongly advocate for a positive result for our clients and explain the underlying reasons why their prior bad acts occurred, something that is often done in criminal court. We do not leave anything to chance and want our clients to know we’ve put together the strongest case possible. We also argue against worst outcomes based on the law and facts of their prior criminal cases.

Honesty & Integrity

Due to the volume and variety of immigration cases we handle that involve a criminal history, we are well positioned to understand risk. If a case is unlikely to be successful or is too risky, we will tell a potential client upfront. We have obtained approvals in many situations where others have been denied. We are able to assess how our actions with a client’s immigration case impact them now, and many years into the future. If we accept somebody as our client, it means we believe in them and know that they deserve to have their past mistakes forgiven. Most importantly, we enjoy these cases more than the typical case, and the end results are reflective.

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