If you are not a US citizen and you have been arrested or cited by the police, it is important to see an immigration attorney as soon as possible, even if you already have an attorney in court on your criminal case.

Any person in the United States who is not a U.S. Citizen faces special consequences and problems if they are convicted of a crime or make admissions about a crime. A conviction can result in punishment that is more serious than anything a state judge or state prosecutor can impose. That is why state judges are now required to warn immigrants that they could be in danger if they plead guilty to a crime. For example, the person could be put into federal detention, deported from the country, and barred from returning to the country.

These problems apply to the following types of people: those people that have a green card (lawful permanent resident), those who came here legally but now their visa has expired, those who are here on a valid non-immigrant visa (NIV), and those that are here undocumented (without papers). What will happen to each person is very different, because it depends on many complex factors, including their status, how long the person has been here and what type of crime they are facing. Mr. Sarparast has experience in these types of cases and has defended and successfully helped many immigrants who want to remain in this country but are facing a criminal charge.

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