The law office is licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states.

Immigration law is work that is not suited for all attorneys, it requires great patience, compassion and sometimes obsessive attention to detail. Due to the high volume of cases immigration authorities deal with, the government can sometimes be unforgiving. The smallest error may cause problems in a case. Meanwhile, the stakes are often very high for a client, with their lives or career often centered around the resolution of their case.


At SARPA LAW, each case is personally handled by the attorney from start to finish, as opposed to being delegated to a secretary. This allows for consistency and the highest possible quality in preparing the case and taking the client through the process. When immigration authorities contact the attorney regarding the case, he will have knowledge of the entire case. It also increases the likelihood of a successful result.


At SARPA LAW, your attorney will hold your hand through the entire process. He will tell you how much everything will cost upfront, how long the process typically takes, explain what you should expect, and what you and the attorney can do together to strengthen your case. The attorney is thorough by nature, organized and his attention to detail is unmatched. If you provide the attorney with documents or information that is deficient, he will ensure things are improved rather than settle for passing. As part of the process, the attorney will prepare you for your immigration interview and/or exam, whether the interview is here in the US or overseas at the consulate/embassy. This preparation will ensure that you are aware of the potential issues that may come up in your case and how to respond. The attorney will also discuss whether it will best serve your needs to have him represent you during the immigration interview. If you or your loved one is arriving from overseas and the attorney has secured a visa approval, his work will not end there. He will guide you until the person arrives here in the US and you will debrief with him on the phone or in his office.


You may have heard that a sign of a good attorney is one that does not take on every case that enters the office. At SARPA LAW, the same philosophy applies. For example, the attorney may feel he can not sufficiently help the potential client or that the person will not benefit from having an attorney. Also, not everyone is eligible or qualifies for an immigration benefit or has a case with merit. The attorney will never lead you on and will always be realistic about how long your case will take. Potential clients will not be taken on if they seek to bend the immigration rules. If any of these issues arise, do not worry, they will be discussed during your first meeting.

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