White collar crimes or “paper crimes” are the informal titles given to those crimes or allegations that occur while at work, while running a business, or when attempting to deceive the government. They usually involve money or fraud. The actual charges may often include the following: Theft, Forgery, Identity Theft (ID Theft), Computer Crime, Unlawfully Obtaining Public Assistance, or Unsworn Falsification. The police and other law enforcement often spend months or even up to a year investigating such crimes. Highly capable detectives are typically assigned to these cases and they are very skilled at obtaining admissions and evidence. Therefore, it is critical to have a private attorney retained as soon as possible and particularly before you talk to police, even if no charges have been filed. It is not uncommon for someone to be a suspect or person of interest without knowing it. Charges can be filed at any time, with some limitations, now or in the future. A conviction can result in the end to a career and paying back restitution.

If you have already been charged, these types of cases require an attorney who can devote a great deal of care and attention to detail in order to defend you. These cases are not the same as the typical criminal case that comes through the court every day. A strong defense attorney will also be able to locate a professional expert or advisor to work hand-in-hand with him in creating a defense strategy and finding holes in the case against you. Mr. Sarparast particularly enjoys solving these types of cases because of his ability to pick apart extensive amounts of material and his thorough approach. In fact, as a former prosecutor he worked closely with police in several such investigations and cases.

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