In Oregon there are an untold list of crimes and offenses involving drugs and controlled substances in the books. This can range from simple possession of marijuana to commercial manufacturing of substantial quantities of methamphetamine. The laws have continuously evolved to increase the punishment for some of these drug crimes, for example if certain quantities are involved or other special situations exist.

The good news is that there are many avenues to challenge or defend against a drug case, but it requires great time and research because the laws in this field are always changing. Having a private attorney gives you the best chance of finding a hole or challenging what was done to you. For example, drug cases often include a search warrant for a home, police questioning, or a search of a vehicle and private belongings. There are specific laws that cover each of these situations and can sometimes be in your favor. Mr. Sarparast has defended drug cases with good results, including serious situations involving federal agents, large seizures, search warrants, raids and medical marijuana grows.

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