At SARPA LAW, your attorney has hands-on experience in the courtroom and personal insight working within the criminal system as a former prosecutor (deputy district attorney). For several years he prepared police officers, witnesses and victims for their testimony in court and came to understand the strengths and weaknesses of criminal cases from the perspective of the D.A. As a defense attorney, he has worked both minor crimes and serious cases involving the DEA, FBI, ICE, US Attorney's Office, search warrant raids, and front page news.

At SARPA LAW, your first meeting with the lawyer will allow you to see for yourself what you will be getting in an advocate and defender. There are never too many questions you can ask and you will never feel that you are being rushed. Criminal cases are serious matters and deserve serious attention. Many of the clients at SARPA LAW have been individuals with high expectations, due to their careers or personal lives being jeopardized by a criminal investigation or charges.


Being accused of a crime or feeling that you have made a mistake can be overwhelming. In fact, for most people the thought of police or having to go to court can be a stressful ordeal. That is one reason that an individual or their family looks to an experienced attorney. At SARPA LAW, clients often remark that they leave the office feeling a burden has been lifted from their shoulders following their first meeting. You do not need to worry about missing court dates, or not understanding the system. The attorney will keep you out of court as much as possible and work the case behind the scenes so you can move on with your daily life.

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