If someone has hurt you or your family and you feel that you need someone on your side to make sure justice is done and that the criminal does not go free, you have the right to hire your own attorney.

In the State of Oregon, the rights of a victim in a criminal case are taken seriously and can be enforced under the law. These rights are guaranteed by the state constitution and statutes. There are also special rights designated for victims of sex crimes and DUII. Most victims are surprised to know how extensive and powerful some these rights can sometimes be. Certain rights can be enforced by a judge and there is also case law supporting the ability to have a defendant resentenced under certain circumstances when the victim’s rights were violated. Some of these rights, however, must be specifically requested in a timely fashion. If you or your family has been a victim of a crime and feel like you may need some guidance or advocacy to ensure justice, do not feel afraid to come to SARPA LAW for a consultation. After a consultation, you may walk away knowing what needs to be done or you may choose to have the attorney represent your interests within the system.

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