SARPA LAW handles other criminal defense situations as well, for example:

  • Individuals on probation/parole who are now being charged or sanctioned with probation/parole violations (PV)
  • Individuals who live outside the area or outside the state and now wish to clear an outstanding warrant
  • Individuals currently in-custody (in jail or detention) and are facing criminal charges
  • Individuals wishing to clean (expunge) their criminal record or prior arrests
  • Students facing academic discipline due to criminal charges or allegations
  • Other complex or unique situations

SARPA LAW defends charges stemming at all levels:

  • Federal (United State District Court)
  • State (Circuit Court)
  • Municipal (local City Courts)
  • Juvenile

Mr. Sarparast has extensive knowledge on how the police and the prosecutors create cases around many of the most common crimes. He has defended many types of criminal cases with good results. Since every person’s circumstances is always different, you are encouraged to speak to a private attorney about your case before you decide what to do.

Some of the other most commonly charged crimes by prosecutors in Oregon include the following: Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Theft (shoplifting), Criminal Trespass, Harassment, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Arrest and various types of Sexual Offenses (sex abuse, rape, sodomy, failure to register, online sexual corruption). Sometimes these crimes are charged on their own, but more commonly the person is charged with several different crimes at once. There can be different reasons as to why this is done and sometimes it can be good or bad for your case.

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