Certain crimes in the State of Oregon are categorized as “domestic violence” or “DV”, this includes any incident involving a spouse, a parent, a child, a girlfriend/boyfriend and several other types of relationships. The most common domestic violence charges in Oregon are Assault IV, Harassment, Menacing and Strangulation.

Oregon is a mandatory arrest state when it comes to a domestic violence crime. This refers to a sometimes controversial law that says if police are called to a domestic disturbance and there is sufficient probable cause of certain conduct, the alleged assailant must be taken to jail. The officer no longer has the authority to simply separate the two people or cite them with a ticket. Sometimes what starts as a small argument in the heat of the moment results in a person’s life being turned upside down as a result of the police showing up.

Person crimes are those crimes involving harm to another. Almost any “person crime” can be labeled as domestic violence by the District Attorney (DA) and as a result there can be special consequences, which sometimes are very serious. For example, your Constitutional right to own or use a firearm can be taken away, even if you use your weapon for work. You could also be ordered to move out of your own home and be separated from your loved one. If you violate those orders, there can be complications in your case. These types of cases are unique and require special skill to handle. Sometimes a skilled attorney can find holes or weaknesses in a DV case that can help you fight the charges or allegations. Every case is different and presents its own story. Mr. Sarparast has obtained successful results defending clients in these cases. He also has specialized knowledge and professional training in the field from when he was assigned in the Domestic Violence Unit of the prosecutor’s office.

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