The principles and vision of the law firm controls the client’s experience.


At SARPA LAW, the philosophy is a simple one: you the client are the most important priority. The mission is always to understand the client’s goals and to meet or exceed them. This includes making sure the client is updated on new developments in their case and immediately returning all e-mails or calls. A client should not be expected to babysit their attorney nor should they ever regret their decision to invest in an attorney. Mr. Sarparast himself has exceedingly high standards in both his personal and professional life. In turn, he expects that anybody entering the law office doors will require the same of his services. You will receive the highest-quality work in a professional manner and with superior value. Being able to trust your attorney is critical, whether it means not having to worry about being overbilled or being able to talk to your attorney about extremely sensitive topics.

An attorney should actually care about the people he represents and giving them peace of mind. It is important for an attorney to think fast but still to give their cases the attention and care they deserve. At SARPA LAW, this means making sure no rock is left unturned in pursuing your case. This means if you need something done immediately or need to meet late into the evening, then the law office lights do not turn off until the work gets done and gets done right. If it means walking you to the courthouse the day before a hearing so you are comfortable, then that is what will happen.


SARPA LAW is a modern and vibrant law office, where the practice of law is pursued with competence and focused determination. There is no room for treating each case like the last and failing to develop fresh ideas. Instead you will find energy and enthusiasm for the practice of law. Whether in the courtroom or in research, the firm strives to find ways to best advance the client’s cause. When clients succeed, the attorney succeeds. The work never ends, as there is always a new law that could help a client’s situation. Improving attorney skills and finding new and better solutions is the lifeblood of staying ahead of the pack. The office integrates the latest technology and case management tools.


Everyone must be treated fairly when it comes to attorney fees. This starts with a detailed discussion upfront about what work is involved, how long it will take, and all the finances. There will be no surprises or hidden fees. In contrast, some law firms will worry about billing problems later and direct the client to a secretary when questions arise. Depending on your situation, SARPA LAW will typically be able to take on your case for one flat fee, so that you do not need to worry about being billed for every minute of work. The goal is to ensure no client leaves unhappy with any aspect of their representation, start to finish.

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